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Who is Welcome at the Table

Who is welcome at the table?

I remember the first time my family was sitting in church when the communion trays were passed & one of our kids wanted to take communion.

Now I grew up in a church where kids weren’t allowed to take communion unless they broke into the church kitchen & stole…

words matter

Your Table is Ready: Why what we say at Communion matters.

Words Matter

Have you ever texted a friend & sent them a text that was intended for someone else?!

Or maybe you were a victim of saying something & then immediately wishing you could take it back. Like, it just came out the wrong way. You meant one thing but what you said had a…

good samaritan

The Real Secret to Being a Good Neighbor

The Most Interesting Part of the Good Samaritan Story

The last few weeks I’ve been speaking & writing about the story Jesus once told about the Good Samaritan in this series called, “Next Door as it is in Heaven.”

What’s most interesting to me about this famous story is that when you…

do fences make good neighbors?

Do Good Fences make Good Neighbors?

Good Fences make Good Neighbors

In his poem, Mending Wall, Robert Frost gets a lot of credit for this quote: “Good fences make good neighbors.”

When I was growing up, I remember watching this show called Home improvement with Tim Allen.

who is my neighbor?

Exactly WHO is my neighbor?

How many of you love to find loopholes?

I came across this story a couple of weeks ago. This is a picture of Reb Beatty.

loving your literal neighbor

Loving your literal neighbors

What if we did this?

If your neighborhood is anything like mine, when you leave the house in the morning you go to your garage to get in your car, you pull into your alleyway & you drive to work. When you come home from work you pull into your alleyway, into your garage…

church here for people

We are Here for Others


A few years ago I was taking a group on a mission trip to Mexico. Before we left I gave everyone a bracelet to wear while we were on the trip.

The bracelet had 4 simple words on it.

I asked our team to let these 4 words guide everything about our trip.
I asked…

unity united church

We are united.

Are we known more for what divides us or what unites us?

Jesus prayed for one thing for us before he went to the cross & died, that we would be “one.”

His prayer for unity for His followers may have been the hardest thing He ever asked of God in prayer. Throughout the centuries…

body of Christ

We are the body of Christ.

What are you a member of?

A few months ago, my wife & I decided to join the local YMCA. I’ve always been resistant to joining a gym, but when you join any gym, it comes with certain benefits. Certain services. Certain things that I get because I’m a member at the Y that…

we are perfectly imperfect

We are Perfectly Imperfect

Do you have any scar stories?

I don’t know if you’ve ever done this, where you swap scar stories with your friends & try to one up each other?

I’ve got this scar on my ear from playing football back in my youth group days. I’ve got another scar on my chin from playing basketball…