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Develop External Boundaries, Part 2

Rumble Strips

I still remember one night, this was before Alisha & I had kids, we were on a late night road trip driving home. It was after midnight & we were both sleepy. We had stopped & bought caffeine to drink & snacks to keep us awake. We had the windows down &…

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Develop External Boundaries, Part 1

Junk Food, Boundaries & Technology?

When I was a kid, I remember the day at school that they taught us about nutrition. They showed us a picture of the food pyramid & tried to encourage us to eat healthy food & not as much of what they called junk food.

Now, I don’t know who’s…

Deepen Internal Values

Deepening Internal Values

What does our behavior say about what we value?

Last week we started this series on technology at Riverside Church of Christ where I am blessed to preach. One of the things we acknowledged is that technology is changing. That’s obvious. Everyone knows that. The question that we asked last week…

disconnect to connect

Disconnect to Connect


In 2007 the first iPhone was introduced. Now, a little more than 10 years later, everyone has an iPhone. Or maybe an Android if you’re not at Apple fan.

The telephone has changed from something that used to hang on a wall, to something that was cordless around the house, to something everyone carried…

4 favorite apps

4 Favorite Apps

Every once in a while I think it’s fun to share a few of my favorite apps I’m loving.  I’ve written before about some of my favorite apps.  Here’s 4 Favorite Apps that I’m currently using that make my life easier.  If they help you too, that would be awesome!

1. …

6 Apps That Help in My Ministry & My Personal Spiritual Life

Apps… we all use them.  One of my favorite things to discover are the apps people are using that are most helpful.  So in that spirit, here are my top 6 apps that I use almost daily.  They help me in my personal spiritual life & in my ministry in different ways.  Almost…