Corey Trevathan
unity united church

We are united.

Are we known more for what divides us or what unites us?

Jesus prayed for one thing for us before he went to the cross & died, that we would be “one.”

His prayer for unity for His followers may have been the hardest thing He ever asked of God in prayer. Throughout the centuries…

body of Christ

We are the body of Christ.

What are you a member of?

A few months ago, my wife & I decided to join the local YMCA. I’ve always been resistant to joining a gym, but when you join any gym, it comes with certain benefits. Certain services. Certain things that I get because I’m a member at the Y that…

we are perfectly imperfect

We are Perfectly Imperfect

Do you have any scar stories?

I don’t know if you’ve ever done this, where you swap scar stories with your friends & try to one up each other?

I’ve got this scar on my ear from playing football back in my youth group days. I’ve got another scar on my chin from playing basketball…

made to worship

We were made to worship.

The In-Between, To Be Continued Moments of our Lives…

The other night my son was watching the very last Harry Potter movie in the series. He’s been reading each book & after he finishes a book he watches the movie.

But it was getting late. It was time for dinner. I hated to do it…

what the world needs now

What the World Needs Now :: Part 2

What does the world need now?

One thing that has always been true about God, He has always been on mission to save the world.

Ever since sin entered into the story God has been working to bring healing to broken people, light to darkness, hope to the hopeless. The ultimate expression of this came…

healing for our world

What the World Needs Now :: Part 1

What does the world need right now?

Maybe a better first question is…

What do you do when you need help? What do you do when you’re hurt?

What we do when we’re hurting is we call for help. We reach out to someone who can help us make the pain go away!

But what happens when…

king of my heart

King of My Heart

Every once in a while, a song hits me & I just can’t get enough of it. Here’s the one song I can’t get off repeat this week. It’s called, “King of My Heart” by John Mark McMillan.

King of My Heart

Here are the lyrics to King of My Heart by John…

Do Good Be Brave

5 Ways to Do Good, Be Brave.

Do Good. Be Brave.

Over the past few weeks at Riverside where I am blessed beyond measure to preach each week, we’ve been talking about this simple idea of what it means to “Do Good & Be Brave” in this world as followers of Jesus.

It seems to me that if we…

worship deliverance jesus

When deliverance leads to worship

What does deliverance lead to?

Have you ever experienced a, “Then God…” moment in your life? You know, one of those times when things were headed one way & then something amazing happened & the only way to explain it is to say, “Then God…” did this, or opened this door, or healed this…

a courage that leads to deliverance

Courage plus Obedience leads to Deliverance

Duck & Cover

My daughter Ella Grace has always been afraid of people dressed up like mascots. So when we go to a football game or a baseball game, she doesn’t want to be any where near the team mascot. It terrifies her.

One of the places we used to take the kids when they…