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king of my heart

King of My Heart

Every once in a while, a song hits me & I just can’t get enough of it. Here’s the one song I can’t get off repeat this week. It’s called, “King of My Heart” by John Mark McMillan.

King of My Heart

Here are the lyrics to King of My Heart by John…

Do Good Be Brave

5 Ways to Do Good, Be Brave.

Do Good. Be Brave.

Over the past few weeks at Riverside where I am blessed beyond measure to preach each week, we’ve been talking about this simple idea of what it means to “Do Good & Be Brave” in this world as followers of Jesus.

It seems to me that if we…

worship deliverance jesus

When deliverance leads to worship

What does deliverance lead to?

Have you ever experienced a, “Then God…” moment in your life? You know, one of those times when things were headed one way & then something amazing happened & the only way to explain it is to say, “Then God…” did this, or opened this door, or healed this…

a courage that leads to deliverance

Courage plus Obedience leads to Deliverance

Duck & Cover

My daughter Ella Grace has always been afraid of people dressed up like mascots. So when we go to a football game or a baseball game, she doesn’t want to be any where near the team mascot. It terrifies her.

One of the places we used to take the kids when they…

past failure God future

Your past failure doesn’t define or determine your future.

Fear of Failure

Maybe the one thing that keeps us from advancing the gospel, even more than our fear, is our failure.

It was a few years ago, our kids were still little, when we bought our first iPad. It was “Mom’s” iPad, but you know how this works. Pretty soon it had more kid…

jack mook

Let Love Lead You to be Brave

It’s never been more important to do good & be brave.

Back in September of 2014, this story hit the news. Jack Mook lives in Pittsburg. He was a single guy enjoying his bachelor pad & loving his job as a detective. After work, he would often head to the Steel City Boxing gym,…

fear God courage

What does courage look like?

What does courage look like?

Alex Honnold is a famous rock climber. Recently, he climbed El Capitan, a famed 3,000-foot rock wall that is a legendary challenge for climbers of any skill level. And he did it with no ropes.

The climb took Alex Honnold four hours. All he had to aid him in his…

who is your king?

Questions: Who is this King of Glory? Psalm 24

The Question of Authority

One of the things I’ve noticed about people is that we love to question authority. We question every coaching decision made by the head coach of our favorite team. We question every decision made in our work place. We say things like, “Well, if I were in charge around here…

belong to God

The lives of those that belong to God matter to God.

The lives of those that belong to God matter to God.

Part of what we do in prayer is turn to God with life’s most difficult questions.  And our goal in prayer isn’t to get trite answers to our hard questions.  We turn to God with those questions because time spent in prayer is…

tips to pray

12 Tips to Deepen Your Prayer Life


At Riverside where I am so blessed to preach we have been talking about prayer & wrestling with some pretty deep questions.  Questions like, Where are you God?  If you, O Lord, kept a record of sin, who could stand?  Whom shall I fear?  How long, O Lord, will you…