Corey Trevathan
purpose driven life

What is your purpose?

What are you doing here?

A few years ago our family headed out on Sunday night to go to a friend’s house for Small Group.

We got to their house, walked in & started talking to our friends. Everyone was enjoying coffee & refreshments. Then Alisha & I remembered that we had forgotten something back…

kingdom of God unshakable Jesus

The Unshakable Kingdom

What do you do when your world is shaken?

When me & my sister were kids we used to go to my grandmother’s house from time to time. My aunt & uncle lived next door & so we loved going there to visit. The best part was that they had a trampoline.

Back in those…

where's waldo

Where is God when I need Him most?

Where’s Waldo?

When you were a kid, did…

God is faithful to forgive

Our God is Faithful to Forgive


Have you ever seen the show that used to be on TV called Dirty Jobs?

God faithful

Our God is Faithful

The Case of the Missing Kit-Kat

Hunter Jobbins was a freshman at Kansas State University. One day last spring he drove up to his dorm & parked his car out front. He was just going to run inside to grab something & come right back out. So he left his car unlocked.

holy spirit

Life with the Holy Spirit


I have a propensity to get lost. I am, & I admit this freely & without hesitation, terrible with directions. It is not uncommon for me to get lost or miss a turn. In fact, it’s almost a daily experience for me.

Hey, we can’t all be good at everything!

One way I try to…

stop look love the person God has put in front of you

Stop. Look. Love.

Stop. Look. Love.

If you hang around long enough, you’ll hear me talk about my kids. Not because my kids are perfect. I assure you, they are not. And it’s not because Alisha & I are the perfect parents. I assure you, I am not!

Alisha & I have a son & two daughters. Our…

It's Your Birthday

It’s Your Birthday

A True Difference Maker

My Uncle Wayne once preached a sermon he entitled, “It’s Your Birthday.”

He was not a preacher. But he was a difference maker.

From time to time he was asked to preach at the church he attended in Columbus, GA. I have two of his sermons recorded and I listen to them…

boundaries technology

Develop External Boundaries, Part 2

Rumble Strips

I still remember one night, this was before Alisha & I had kids, we were on a late night road trip driving home. It was after midnight & we were both sleepy. We had stopped & bought caffeine to drink & snacks to keep us awake. We had the windows down &…

boundaries guardrails

Develop External Boundaries, Part 1

Junk Food, Boundaries & Technology?

When I was a kid, I remember the day at school that they taught us about nutrition. They showed us a picture of the food pyramid & tried to encourage us to eat healthy food & not as much of what they called junk food.

Now, I don’t know who’s…