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if we believe what we say we believe, it changes everything

lord reign in me

Lord, reign over me.

Let it go

Every parent in the room knows this feeling, that moment when one of your kids hands you all their stuff so they can run off & play. Then another one of your kids asks you to hold something else & you literally can’t. You can’t hold another thing because your hands…

Sovereign in the Silence

What do you do when you hit rock bottom?

A few years ago when The Muppets movie came out. And my kids loved it. What they loved even more was the soundtrack. We probably played this song a thousand times…

we live to know God and to make him known

We Live to Know God & to Make Him Known

There’s something about us that loves a good showdown.

When I was a kid one of the things I loved to do with my dad was watch western movies. If you’ve ever watched a good western movie, then you know that the main character in every good western movie is a gunslinger who is…

Our God Reigns Over All the Earth

What’s the State of the Union?

I’m not one to talk much politics. But this past week our country once again heard the president give the State of the Union address to congress & to the nation.

It reminded me that the Sate of the Union address is something that happens on a regular basis…

Beloved Together

Does this $100 have any value?

If I were to ask you, does this $100 bill have value, what would you say?


becoming together

Becoming Together

What do you call a group of…

You probably know this, but when animals gather in groups they’re called different things.

So a cow by itself is just called a cow but you put it together with other cows & it becomes part of the herd. A bird by itself is just a bird but…


Belonging Together

Belonging Together

This past week Alisha & I went out to see “The Greatest Showman.” It really is one of those feel good movies. As I watched the story unfold on screen, I was struck with how P.T. Barnum was able to pull all kinds of people together, especially people who…

believing together

Believing Together

What’s going to happen next?

One night this past week my daughter Ella Grace was sitting next to me & we were reading a book together. I think reading books with Ella Grace is her love language. She loves reading & she loves it when we read together. It was another book about princesses…


Who is Welcome at the Table

Who is welcome at the table?

I remember the first time my family was sitting in church when the communion trays were passed & one of our kids wanted to take communion.

Now I grew up in a church where kids weren’t allowed to take communion unless they broke into the church kitchen & stole…

words matter

Your Table is Ready: Why what we say at Communion matters.

Words Matter

Have you ever texted a friend & sent them a text that was intended for someone else?!

Or maybe you were a victim of saying something & then immediately wishing you could take it back. Like, it just came out the wrong way. You meant one thing but what you said had a…